Peter C

Web Developer

My Software

I occasionally get to work on my own projects. Here's a couple of open source projects I work on when I've got time.

Twitter Windows Forms Application Image

A twitter client for Windows written in c# and WPF, with a clean simple interface. Functionality at the moment :- Checks automatically for new tweets, alert box for new tweets, update the user's status.

Project can be found here

JQuery Gallery Image

A javascript/jquery based image gallery.

Project can be found here

Rating Widget Image

A javascript based widget for letting users give star ratings.

Project can be found here

Image Recognition Tool Image

This is an image searching utility/API. Search for images based on color distribution and shape, very fast searching once the images are loaded.

Project can be found here

This site is built using MVC 4.0 and C#.

My Bookshelf


I'm currently looking into...

  • Data Mining

Here's what I'm looking into next...

  • Machine learning
  • ECMAScript 6


  • Bootstrap
  • MongoDB
  • Node.JS
  • MVC 4 and 5